Skin: a tcl package for beautifying your interfaces

When designing my VebKlaso Player, I needed to get beautiful widgets, things like rounded (or even stranger) buttons,  lights, and several other items not easily available as regular tk widgets. Besides, it would be nicer if the interface design could be changed at a touch of a button. Tcl/tk have a very flexible canvas that may be a foundation for drawing such pseudo-widgets and, by binding each item suitably, we can make them behave as regular widgets, like buttons, entries, and so on.
Here are screenshots taken from VebKlaso Player. Click on them to get a full sized image.

You can get instructions on drawing your own interfaces by reading the VebKlaso User's Manual (in portuguese only, sorry!).


Skin-0.1.tar.gz (98 Kbytes. Released 29Dec2003)